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About Us

TaokiNinam is specialized in building SAAS Web Application Router Controller and Billing System Integration for Mikrotik users.

Services Offered:

  • MikroTik Controller and Billing System
  • FTTH & Wireless Network Infrastructure Design
  • Management & Technical Consultation
  • MikroTik Full Turn Key Configuration


Our mission is to provide a budget friendy and high quality I.T Solution for small to large ISP Enterprise with an exceptional outstanding customer service.


Our Vision is to be a leading I.T service company in providing reliable solutions to our clients and advance our current position in the market industry.

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Integration - API and Algorithm

An API is a way to communicate with a computer program. The program is typically an implementation of one or several algorithms. Algorithm on the other hand is a way to do things, essentially a set of instructions/steps.

  • 01 Payment Method

    Xendit - Accept and send payments on one integrated platform with Xendit – a leading payment gateway in the Philippines and Southeast Asia. Get paid online from e-Wallets gcash maya shopeepay grabpay. For more information please visit Xendit Official Page

  • Semaphore - lets you send bulk SMS blast with a single line of code. No complicated setup, no dealing with telecom protocols and procedures. Send messages from a name not a number, and give your customers the personal touch they derserve. For more information please visit Semaphore Official Page

    Sim Based - It can also act as a SMS notification used in Web App's Messaging/Scheduler feature and OTP for hotspot service code generation.

  • This feature is design specifically for postpaid subscribers either PPPoE or Hotspot where custom and multi policies can be created for automation like changing profile or disabling users at specific conditions and vice versa.



Next Generation Billing System designed for MikroTik Routers. Developed in recommendations by many ISP operators such:

  • PPPoE & Hotspot Service
  • MikroTik Integration
  • Auto Monthly Recurring Billing
  • Payment Debit/Credit
  • Billing & State Switch
  • Clients Map Overview
  • Hotspot Service
  • MikroTik Integration
  • Cashless Code Generation
  • Single/Batch Code Creation
  • State Switch
  • Voucher SMS
  • Multi Tier Rates
  • Any Amount Transaction
  • Auto Piso Rates Calculation
  • Cashless and Cash Based Monitoring
  • Transaction List Records
  • Auto Credit
  • Any MikroTik Device and OS Versions
  • Preferably with USB port for GMS Modem (optional)
  • No Configurations Added
  • Auto Update users from Policies & Conditions
   API Scheduler
  • Email & SMS Schedulers
  • Message Template
  • Recurring or One Time Push Notifications
  • Multi/Events Schedules
  • Statement of Account Monitoring
  • Billing Invoice Montoring
  • Payment Gateway
  • Support Ticketing
  • Downloadable PDF
  • Network Tools
  • Email API
  • Semaphore SMS API
  • Simbased SMS API
  • Xendit Payment Gateway
  • Admin and Client Portal Interface
  • Realtime Update
  • Alert Notifications
  • Multi Image Upload
  • Custom Policy per Clients
  • Custom Policies for All
  • Multi Policy Creation
  • Credit Limit/Overdue Triggers
  • Grace Period (optional)
  • Unli Router Integration (Additional Fee Requires)
  • Separate Unlimited Database per Router
  • Custom Profile per Router
   User Profile
  • Custom User Access (Not Templated)
  • Unli User/Profile
  • Anti Direct Link and Console
  • Via Xendit Payment Gateway
  • Postpaid or Prepaid Payments
  • Hotspot Payment
  • Any Amount Payments
  • Map and Streetview
  • Full Coverage Map
  • Satellite and Road View
  • Client-NAP Fabric Network Monitoring
  • OLT/NAP Tagging
  • NAP Coordinates
  • Port Tagging
  • Client Tagging
  • Map Integration
   Job Order
  • Auto Credit/Debit Inventory
  • J.O Tagging to Staff
  • Notification Pending J.O
  • Equipment/Material Tagging
  • Equipment/Materials Monitoring
  • Realtime Update
  • Threshold Alarms Monitoring
  • User/Staff Tagging
   VOD Management
  • Extrernal or Local Source
  • Categorize Video Links
  • Multi File Format
  • Web Player Integration


All prices are subject to change without notice and are not guaranteed, except that prices for an orders that have been accepted by Taoki Ninam ™ are not subject to change after acceptance in one (1) year time. Prices stated do not use or excise tax or any other tax, duty or charge which is now in effect or may be hereafter imposed by any authority.


P199per month per router

  • Your own domain
  • All current features
  • Multi MikroTik Router
  • Unli Database/Customers
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P999per month (OTC: P2000 Installation Fee)

  • Your Domain + Website + Email Server
  • All current features
  • Additional P199 per month per Router
  • Unli Database/Customers
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WARNING: All SOLO/BUNDLE accounts will be deleted permanently on the database if not continued/renewed after one (1) month of inactivity.

Frequently Asked Questions

Here are the most common questions we have gathered for the recent transactions.

  • TRIAL - ClickRegister Now and enter your desired username and password, please contact us and chat your username only so we can activate your account.

    PURCHASING/RENEWAL - Upon acceptance of your GCash payment, please contact us and chat your username only so we can add/renew your account license.

  • How to connect MikroTik Router to the Web App?
    Step 1:

    Option 1 - If your MikroTik router is configure with public static IP address, use that as your domain in Web App Settings and use port 22 (ssh).

    Option 2 - If you have public static IP address on ISP modem but a private ip address given to MikroTik, apply port forwarding on the ISP modem to your MikroTik private IP address accordingly.

    Option 3 - Via vpn, we recommend to use VEXIFI and use port 22 (ssh) as remote service. For more information please visitVEXIFI official Page

    Step 2:

    - Username and password is the MikroTik's credential as you where logging in to your Winbox Application.
    - Query Time is the time where the Web App will check SMS in GSM Modem. (Recommended: not equal or less than 10 seconds).
    - Click Cashless if you want to enable cashless payment for sim based. Click Non-Cashless if you dont have GSM modem.

    Step 3:

    - If you are using GSM modem insert it to MikroTIk router via usb or serial connection. - Make sure you have enabled ssh in MikroTik under </ip services>.
    - Make sure you have enabled "Received Enabled" in MikroTik under </tools sms>.
    - Click type serial and the port will automatically detected. (Secret is not required).
    - Click "Auto Erase".

  • All GSM modem are supported, as long as you can interface it to MikroTik router via serial or USB port. We recommend USB SIM-800 and can be purchased to shopee or lazada. Click here for sample seller Seller #BekeNemen

  • Purchase to us additional router for your account, in the drop list your new router will be displayed automatically. MikroTik's identity will be displayed on the drop list if set, otherwise it will just display Router Number.

  • Yes, all your data will be transfered/restored to your own server accordingly.

  • OTC or One Time Charge is used for the installation service of your PACKAGE server, this includes purchase of domain name, hosting server and labor cost to the developer. Note: Any cost figures may change without prior notice.

  • None, all prices are fixed but may change without prior notice yet orders that have been accepted are not subject to change after acceptance in one (1) year time.

  • Mode of payment for now is via GCash express send payable to JE**E GL**N T. 09279940220 (Please chat username for purchase/renewal). There are no contract and you can unsubscribe anytime you like, license are purchased to order (PREPAID service).

  • All API Integration are third party services, you should apply/register to get API keys on XENDIT and SEMAPHORE, while SIMBASED requires an additional equipment plug in to your MikroTik Router. Email on the other hand are FREE, but third party email provider are not allowed. To get email API on SOLO and BUNDLE Plan please contact Taoki, for PACKAGE Plans you will be asked to create your custom email address once your server is created.


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Provides a robust and extensible operational monitoring and fault management framework for users around the world. Is also a complete network graphing solution designed to harness the power of RRDTool's data storage and graphing functionality.

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